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Back and Neck Pain Relief

Pain and discomfort can interfere with even basic daily activities. At Creating Wellness Chiropractic, we aim to ease the pain by re-establishing proper joint function and mobility, eliminating any unwanted pain and discomfort.

Low Back Pain

Low back pain affects millions of people each year and can be brought on by something as simple as tying up your shoes. Lower back pain becomes more common as the discs separating the vertebrae become less hydrated and less flexible. By properly aligning and mobilizing the spine, we allow the discs to restore lost strength and flexibility thus decreasing pain and increasing function.

Neck Pain

Neck pain and neck stiffness often occur from tension and repetitive muscle strain. Poor posture, overuse, auto accidents and sports injury are common causes that can affect regions near the neck, including the head, jaw, shoulder and upper arms. The term “stiff” neck is often used to describe the pain that occurs when moving your neck, especially from side to side. At Creating Wellness Chiropractic, we effectively work to relieve your pain by releasing trapped nerves and mobilizing stiff/sore joints.

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