Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel is quite a common condition that we see in the clinic. We see it four times as often with females as we do males. The main cause that I see is prolonged keyboarding. Sitting at your computer all day and your wrist just gets inflamed and it swells up around that nerve and first thing you know it hurts to use it. And then in an advanced case, people come in and they can’t even sign their name. I had one lady come in and she couldn’t even brush her teeth – she had to have her husband brush her teeth. Within two weeks, we had her brushing her teeth so it was quit an exciting case.

I have surgeons come in or call us or send their reps over and they say, “Why don’t you send us any more carpal tunnel surgeries?” And we say, “Since we got our cold laser, we just don’t have carpal tunnel surgeries.” Of course they don’t believe it but they still bring us cookies anyway.

So it’s a condition that once you get it, you don’t want to keep it very long. So if you get carpal tunnel syndrome, give us a call and ask about our laser specifically and get in here and let us see you!

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