Cold Laser & Spinal Decompression Helps Treat Many Conditions!

These are two of our most popular treatments and we’ve had these for about seven or eight years and had great success. As I sat here and began to list the number of conditions that we’ve treated, it ended up being more than a dozen so. I’ll just name off some of the top ones. Of course, the one that comes to mind first are herniated discs and we’ve seen hundreds of these things that in alot of cases were actually scheduled for surgery and we’ve had great success. As a matter of fact, we haven’t had a surgical case in the last six years – so pretty exciting there.

Another common one would be tennis elbow and golfers elbow (pretty much the same thing). I work in an area near a country club and when the tennis season hits, these players come in with these conditions and we’re able to decompress those and use laser.

Another common one are headaches, even migraine headaches.

Arthritis. And another one that really a pretty horrible condition is sciatic pain and spinal stenosis.

So these are some of the most common things that we treat. Laser works by bringing hemoglobin into the cells and hemoglobin of course brings oxygen. It also helps remove some of the toxins from these injured cells. It also wakes the cells up and goes into the mitochondria and starts the energy production – if cells are sick or they have pain, they don’t have any energy. They need energy to start their machinery. So it’s literally magic when this laser goes into their tissue.

Decompression works much like a traction unit. It’s all controlled by a computer head and it pulls on one end of the spine. You are strapped in on the other end and there’s a pumping effect. So the decompression pulls and then it backs off, it pulls and then it backs off. I like to compare this to a dry sponge around your kitchen sink. Pick it up and it’s stiff, it’s rigid, it’s kind of skinny. It wouldn’t be a very good disc.

But you put a little fluid around there or water and you squeeze it a few times and it gets soft and it gets thicker. That’s what happens in the disc. And then as we decompress it, we begin to pull that disc away from the spinal cord and that’s when the magic happens. That’s when the pain decreases, swelling goes away and people get their lives back again.

So these two things help us treat so many more things than we’ve ever treated in the past. It just opens a whole new area for me and my patients.

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