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Before I came to Dr. McClung’s office, I was in constant, severe pain. Just sitting and turning my head caused discomfort..But now, since I’ve been under his care, I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Give him a call and you’ll be feeling better soon too.

Robina J.

I had taken so much medication with my headaches that I was having severe reactions with my stomach. After seeing Dr. McClung, he was able to take care of my condition within days and I have been suffering with headaches for long time! No one could believe that I am cured! Thanks!

Stephanie J.

The joys of pregnancy had me up at night with severe hip pains. When a friend suggested I go see Dr. Mike I gladly took her up on her offer. I didn’t expect to have relief so quickly. Seriously this guy is a miracle worker. Same night I was able to sleep without discomfort. I’ll be seeing him throughout this pregnancy to ensure I don’t experience the same pains. I had great customer service over the phone, my waiting time has never been more than 5 minutes and I’m usually in and out within 30 minutes top. I highly recommend him. Thanks Dr. Mike (and staff)!

Malika H.
from Yelp

Dr. Mike – Wanted you to know I’ve played one indoor and one outdoor soccer game since the last treatment on Thursday the 19th. I think we might beat this thing after all! Quick, high movements are still not the best, but I’ve done a number of good hard throws with minimal discomfort at the time and no lingering discomfort. (Of course…two victories don’t hurt the cause either!) 🙂 Thanks!

Camille Welch Gordon
from Facebook

I’ve only been going to Dr. Mike’s for about 3 weeks and he’s really helped me out. I’m 25 and have always been active growing up. I was in all types of sports and extracurricular activities through high school and college. I tore my miniscus in my knee and hurt my shoulder early in my career but never really got any treatment for it. As i begin to get older my problem areas seemed to be getting worse so i seeked Dr. Mikes help. I had been to a couple of chiropractors before and it’s a breath of fresh air when you meet one that’s knowledgeable in their craft and show you results immediately.

Ryan Ciardo
from Google +

I’ve been going to Dr. Mike for about 12 years and he has always been able to heal me, not matter what I’ve managed to do to myself. I thought this round of pain was just a part of aging, but Doc has shown me otherwise. Pain at any age is not normal and does not have to be endured. He is so proud of me now that I’m walking over 3 miles at a time and logging 6 miles on the exercise cycle. He said, “ You have gone from cripple to athlete in only 4 weeks time.” And he is right, once again.

from Google +

I am a healthy person who takes good care of himself. Jogged over 38 years and was swimming a mile a day after retiring. I felt a pop in my lower back doing some heavy landscape work last November. I starting feeling numbness in my legs around February and by April a back surgeon set me up for steroid shots. The shots lasted a few weeks and I went for a second, third and fourth opinion after doing an MRI. I was going in for Stenosis surgery. I was willing to do just about anything, I had 3 times experienced an inability to walk across the parking lot. My wife said her coworker advised me to see her doctor for the kind of back problems I was having. Dr Mike told me he was confident his decompression and cold laser treatment would work. One month later and I can walk up stairs, walk a mile and I am only more than 1/2 way through my treatments. Best decision I have made in a long time. Start swimming again next week.

from Google +

I can’t thank Dr. Mike and his staff enough. I came to see him with a severely ruptured disk in my back. The pain down my leg was excruciating and I also suffered from numbness in my leg as well. My surgeon was going to operate and after talking with Dr Mike about spinal decompression I chose to hold off on surgery and give it a try. I went for 6 sessions and then had a follow up with my surgeon. I decided if he recommends surgery I was going to do it. After examining me my surgeon said “you are no longer a candidate for surgery” he also said “I couldn’t of expected better results if I operated on you 2 weeks ago.” The numbness is gone and my leg pain is manageable. I have completed 10 spinal decompression sessions to date and keep getting a little better every day. I plan on continuing until I am fully healed. Thank you Dr Mike for spending the time with me to help me make the best decision!!!

from Google +

I highly recommend Dr. Mike as the ‘go to’ guy for your Chiropractic needs. I’ve been seeing Dr. Mike for 9 years now, he’s helped me deal with Sciatica and Whiplash problems. When I couldn’t walk due to back problems, he got me walking again. When I had Sciatica for the first time and the Orthopedic Drs couldn’t help me, except to give me anti-inflamatory medication which tore up my stomach, Dr. Mike gave me the treatment and understanding to deal with my situation. When I had dry eye in only 1 eye, he adjusted my neck, gave me the Laser therapy with great success in treating the eye and neck problems. I no longer need eye drops. It was a pinched nerve in my neck! Dr. Mike has done more for my ills than any other Dr. ( I’ve seen a few) and he does it with a positive attitude. He’s patient and attentive to my questions and answers them thoroughly.

from Google +

I am very pleased with the treatment I receive from Dr. McClung. He seems genuinely concerned with my progress, and I never feel rushed. Everyone in the office knows me by name. I’m very comfortable every time I am there. I would recommend him to anyone needing treatment for back pain.

from Google +

I could not walk on Monday because of pain in my lower back from an injury. Dr. Mike carefully assessed the problem before treating it. He is very knowledgeable due to his 25 years of experience. It is now just Thursday and I am feeling 90% better. My husband went to see him also, due to my recommendation.

Beth Whitley
from Google +

A chiropractor is a chiropractor is a chiropractor, I suppose…I mean, I feel like if they are harming people instead of helping them then they’ll lose patients over time and close up shop or get sued or something. HOWEVER….I have seen several chiro’s, all with varying degrees of success, and Dr. Mike is by far the most trustworthy, honest, and helpful chiropractor I have come across. I was having carpal tunnel pain, sciatic pain, and some residual discomfort from kinda-bad scoliosis…and though my symptoms were severe, I put my faith in Dr. Mike and I’m feeling AMAZING after about 3 weeks of treatment! He didn’t make me any empty promises – he sat me down and told me I probably wasn’t the distance runner I had previously desired to be (confirmed by my regular physician as well but I chose not to listen, my bad!), but that I had some problems that could be fixed with chiropractic care. He’s an athlete himself and wants to see his patients lead active and healthy lifestyles, and he’s passionate about total wellness – not just getting a paycheck. He’s a cool dude and he fixed me up good – and now I’ve moved on to cycling and with zero pain….am LOVING IT! Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Debbie. OMG…DEBBIE! It matters not how bummed you feel when you walk into that place….that beautiful bright shiny smiling face that greets you when you walk in is your ray of sunshine on any gloomy ol’ day. There are few people in this world that are just kind and good-hearted down to their core, and that is Dr. Mike’s assistant, Debbie. Honestly, having the opportunity to interact with such a pleasant person is reason enough to see Dr. Mike over other chiro’s in the North Austin area….but put them together as a team, and they get an A+ in my book! So let Dr. Mike fix ya and Debbie bring a smile to your face. You won’t regret it!

Renee M
from Yelp

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