Scoliosis Treatment

From a standard medical perspective, there is no treatment available other than surgery for scoliosis. Obviously, we don’t want anybody to consider that option. So the way we address this depends a lot on the age of the person. If they have very early signs – mostly young girls between ten and thirteen- we can counsel them on better ways to improve their posture, better ways to stand, better ways to carry their backpacks, better ways to carry purses.

We can also help through some of our electrical equipment to normalize the muscles and make them more balanced. So if we can balance them out, they have a much greater chance of growing up to be straight and good posture.

Unfortunately in today’s generation, posture is just not talked about. It’s something that parents don’t reinforce in their kids. So you’ve got to really stay on the kids about this because once the posture is locked in there, it’s going to be with them for life – and it typically gets worse.

So get your kids checked. I know they check them at school but we do a much more thorough check here and if there is any suspicion, we can begin some very preliminary kinds of things just to point them in the other direction.

So there is hope! Don’t let your child go too long with these things or there is a great risk.

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