Chiropractic Care Is So Important After a Car Accident

It is super important to seek chiropractic care after an accident. There can be subtle injuries that you are not even aware of. Injuries, that can unfortunately come back later and haunt you.

For instance, the bulk of my patients are in their forties and I would say half of them have problems that are related to an old car accident – specifically, a whiplash injury that they had when they were in their teens or twenties and they just  blew it off and thought it would go away and never come back.

Well, they do go away but they upset the mechanics of the neck so much that the neck begins to wear inappropriately. Just like if you hit a curb with your car.  If it knocked your front-end a little bit out of line, you really wouldn’t notice it when you’re driving around town but when you get out on the freeway and you start getting up to 45-50-55 to 60, the tire starts shaking.

Well, same thing with a spine. These discs that are damaged can take decades to wear out and once they wear out, they don’t cushion the joints appropriately and then you start to get more complex problems that are much more difficult to treat and may actually end up in a surgical case.

This is the case with even just a simple little injury.  Most of these whiplash injuries occur from a 5 to 8 miles per hour accident and most people think that it is kind of silly (I know the insurance adjusters certainly think it’s silly). But, I am a runner and when I run a race, my full all-out speed is about 8 miles an hour. Well, if you took me running full speed and you had a person standing on the trail just relaxing, looking ahead, not thinking about anything and I just plowed into their back, can you imagine the kind of injuries they would have. It’s like a football player that gets blindsided.

Simple little accidents can cause a lot of problems so it is important to get examined and if there are problems, get those things treated. Get those tires back into alignment and you’re going to have a lot happier life and live a lot longer and have a lot more good years.

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