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Spinal Adjustments

A spinal adjustment is a chiropractic procedure that realigns your spine’s vertebrae to their natural position.

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Chronic Headaches

A simple chiropractic adjustment can help assure headaches happen much less often & are much less painful.

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Pain Relief

Whether you have back, neck, hip or shoulder pain, we may have the pain relief solution you’re looking for.

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With our 3 part treatment, patients can achieve lasting neuropathy relief and improve their quality of life!

Northwest Austin Chiropractor

Dr. Michael McClung

Are you looking for a healthy, pain-free life based on proven treatments and health solutions that really work? If so, you can join countless satisfied patients by choosing Creating Wellness Chiropractic – your proven source of Austin chiropractic care since 1983.

Chiropractic Services & Conditions

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Neck Pain

Neck pain, irritation, inflammation, injury—we can help relieve the symptoms & prevent chronic conditions.

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We focus on treating the root symptoms of arthritis and giving you consistent pain relief in addition to increased mobility and movement.

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Numbness is typically caused when a nerve becomes compressed or otherwise impacted by misalignments within your body. Restore feeling with chiropractic!

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Back Pain

Whether you suffer from a “bad back,” occasional lower back pain, trauma from an accident or muscle strain, we can help!

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A bulging or ruptured disc can irritate the sciatic nerve & cause pain. A quick & specific series of spinal adjustments can potentially relieve you from pain.

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We seek to treat scoliosis through a variety of therapeutic chiropractic techniques that help manage its symptoms and rectify its effects.

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Pinched Nerve

We treat pinched nerves through an assortment of techniques designed to manipulate the affected area & bring relief while allowing the body to heal.

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Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms happen suddenly. They can linger & cause ongoing pain & discomfort. We focus on pain relief, treating the muscle & the affected area.

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Pain, sensitivity to pressure & touch, insomnia, joint stiffness and fatigue that is fibromyalgia related can be relieved with chiropractic care.

Let’s Work Together, To End Your Pain!

For over 29 years, Dr. Michael McClung and his trained staff have served the greater Austin area by delivering stellar chiropractic and massage services to patients suffering from pain, discomfort, stress, poor health and a host of other unfortunate – but treatable – conditions. Creating Wellness Chiropractic believes in whole-body treatment, supplying proven solutions and treatment plans that address all aspects of your body in a comprehensive approach that deal not only with the symptoms but also with their causes.

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What patients are saying about us…

Before I came to Dr. McClung’s office, I was in constant, severe pain. Just sitting and turning my head caused discomfort..But now, since I’ve been under his care, I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Give him a call and you’ll be feeling better soon too.

Robina J.

I had taken so much medication with my headaches that I was having severe reactions with my stomach. After seeing Dr. McClung, he was able to take care of my condition within days and I have been suffering with headaches for long time! No one could believe that I am cured! Thanks!

Stephanie J.

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